New Price List Available

We are pleased to inform you that the updated Sika Liquid Plastics Roofing Products Price List is now available and will go live from 5th September 2016.

Please see below for a summary of the updates:

  • Training Section has been updated with new pricing

New Products have been added which include:

  • Sikalastic-618 (5 litre size for patch repair)
  • Minor change of Roll Size for Reemat Premium (now 90mx1.25m)
  • Primer-610 Spray
  • Primer-610 Spray Equipment
  • S-Vap 7000 E DP
  • Sika Liquid Plastics Acoustic Mat
  • Sikagard-550 W Elastic – Replacement for Decadex
  • Sika Paving Support Pads – re-packaged version of Decopads
  • IF-70×70 Insulation Washer
  • Mechanical fasteners have been moved to the back of the price list
  • Colour names are now listed as well as RAL’s all liquid applied membranes

A copy of the price list is available via the downloads section or by clicking here


Why the Need for PMMA?


PMMA systems have been proven to withstand the demands of a walkway, balcony and terrace environment.

From the beginnings of the liquid market whereby bituminous solutions and emulsions were often used, the liquid roofing industry has grown into a multi-million pound market with products which are now at the very forefront of waterproofing technology. Whether for refurbishment or new build projects, there are systems and products available that can be used in all areas of roofing.

One innovative technology which has come to the forefront is PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate), which offers one of the fastest curing times of any liquid applied membrane in the market. The product has the ability to cure in 30-40 minutes, and in some cases even quicker if required.

PMMA is a perfect solution as a liquid applied waterproofing membrane on flat roofs with limited access and gutters, where speed of application is a major advantage.

The solvent-free cold applied liquid resin, which consists of two components, cures following an extremely rapid in-situ polymerisation, which is activated by the addition of a peroxide catalyst. This curing proceeds rapidly even at temperatures around 0°C.

The membrane is reinforced with a polyester fleece and is installed wet-on-wet. This means that the polyester reinforcing fleece is first saturated with liquid resin, bonding the membrane to the substrate, with the surface layer then applied onto the bonding coat whilst still wet – therefore forming a single seamless membrane of uniform thickness. The advantage of this type of application is that on smaller roof areas, a one-day application may be possible as there is no need to wait for drying between coats.

PMMA has also been proven to be perfect for situations where the contractor’s access to the area to be treated may be restricted, and a fast application is desirable. A typical scenario would include communal walkways and stair wells within housing blocks frequently seen in urban areas, where residents require access to their home within an acceptable time period. Fast application allows the contractor to be on and off site in the minimum amount of time, whilst reducing the possible need for temporary access such as staircases which can be costly.

PMMA systems are compatible with almost all substrates and are exceptionally hardwearing. They have been proven to withstand the demands of a walkway, balcony and terrace environment, providing reliable waterproofing and protection in combination with functional surfacing.

Because of this, at Sika Liquid Plastics we are introducing the Sikalastic Rapid Range of PMMA technology into our product portfolio.

The new products will perfectly complement the other liquids in the range such as Decothane Ultra and Sikalastic-625 that are based on Polyurethane technology, proving that as a company we have a cold applied liquid solution for every job, no matter the size, budget or complexity.


Eliminate Fire Risk with Cold Applied Roofing Products

Steve Cookson





There have been two fires in the media which have caught our attention recently as incidents like this are happening more frequently.

A fire at Freeston Academy in Normanton, which broke out when students were collecting their GCSE results, the fire, which started on  the roof of the library block, was not suspicious and was most likely caused construction work being carried out on the academy. More than 50 fire fighters attended the scene, with the blaze causing huge amounts of damage and disruption.

An investigation has begun into the cause of another major blaze at a seven-storey building in Manchester city centre.

This fire broke out in the roof space of the former CWS building, next to the Printworks near Victoria railway station at about 17:30 BST on Monday.

At its peak, about 50 firefighters were called.

Luckily, in both of these cases, no one was hurt, but it’s important that we learn from the situation to prevent it happening again in the future.

In sensitive areas and locations where buildings will be in use during construction work, it is even more important to consider health and safety implications. Here at Sika Liquid Plastics we recommend the use of cold applied products at sites where disruption must be kept to a minimum and safety is paramount. Cold applied waterproofing products completely eliminate the risk of fire during installation, giving the client peace of mind.

All of our roof coating products at Sika Liquid Plastics are cold applied and have been specified at schools, hospitals and other such buildings up and down the country. Suitable for use on flat and pitched roof systems, they are totally seamless, single pack, liquid applied waterproofing membranes and have the highest fire ratings once installed (BROOF (t4)). The system not only reduces fire risk to zero during application, it is also very quick to apply, keeping disruption to a minimum.

Take a look at the full range of Sika Liquid Plastics products here.


Sika adopts Kingspan OPTIM-R


Sika Liquid Plastics is proud to announce that the high performance insulation ‘Kingspan OPTIM-R’ has been added to our list of approved partner products, and is now able to be specified as part of the Sika Liquid Plastics built up roof system.

The optimum performance product uses vacuum technology to achieve an aged thermal conductivity of just 0.007 W/m-k, which is up to 5 times better than other commonly used insulation. Kingspan OPTIM-R panels feature a microporous core which is evacuated, encased and sealed in a thin gas-tight envelope. This insulation is an ideal solution for insulation as part of a roof refurbishment project where a lack of construction depth or space is an issue.


Sika sponsors RICS Awards

RICS Awards

The RICS Awards showcase the most inspirational regional initiatives and developments in land, property, construction and the environment. They are open to everyone working in the property profession and celebrate the talents of surveyors, property developers, engineers, planners and architects, to name just a few. So as you can imagine, it was of great pleasure for us at Sika Liquid Plastics, to be able to sponsor this year’s Regional Awards.



Sika Liquid Plastics Deminars: refreshed and re-invigorated

Ian Myers


Sika Liquid Plastics has launched a new Deminar programme (CDP seminar with a practical demonstration) for 2015.

The aim of these deminars to show specifiers and architects the benefits of Sika Liquid Plastics products and offerings, in both a relaxed and entertaining environment.

To make the Deminars even more worthwhile, we have selected famous venues to hold these events, which often include the added bonus of free guided tours or entrance passes.

So far this year, Deminars have been completed at Middlesbrough Football Club, Royal Armouries Museum Leeds, Twickenham Stadium, The Millennium Stadium Cardiff, Edinburgh Zoo, and Brands Hatch. The attraction of hosting these events at such iconic locations means the teaser of a venue tour gives a good attendance, with each event so far boasting over 30 attendees.

To find out about upcoming deminars check the Training Calendar