Sika Liquid Plastics Deminars: refreshed and re-invigorated

Ian Myers


Sika Liquid Plastics has launched a new Deminar programme (CDP seminar with a practical demonstration) for 2015.

The aim of these deminars to show specifiers and architects the benefits of Sika Liquid Plastics products and offerings, in both a relaxed and entertaining environment.

To make the Deminars even more worthwhile, we have selected famous venues to hold these events, which often include the added bonus of free guided tours or entrance passes.

So far this year, Deminars have been completed at Middlesbrough Football Club, Royal Armouries Museum Leeds, Twickenham Stadium, The Millennium Stadium Cardiff, Edinburgh Zoo, and Brands Hatch. The attraction of hosting these events at such iconic locations means the teaser of a venue tour gives a good attendance, with each event so far boasting over 30 attendees.

To find out about upcoming deminars check the Training Calendar